All photographs are shown as 2x3 native camera aspect ratio (this is the same ratio as 6x9, 12x18, etc.). Personally, we prefer the native camera aspect ratio photographs and frame all photographs for our own use at that ratio (actually, we print most of them at 13x19, so that we can use borderless printing on a native paper size, but that is so close to 2x3 aspect ratio as to be almost identical). However, unfortunately, many of the appropriate sizes for that ratio do not exist in ready-made or easily consumer-obtainable frames, as they do in the 4x5 aspect (and other) ratio(s). We can produce custom aspect ratios, most commonly 4x5 ratio (which of course includes 8x10, 16x20, etc.). Please note that these will be cropped from the original aspect ratio, so some detail will be lost from the long direction. We will crop them to best advantage based upon the individual photographs.

For best viewing, before proceeding please make sure that your monitor is adjusted properly. Instructions and sample images to assist in calibration are on a separate page,